Welcome to my MUMENTOUS Atlantic Rowing Challenge.

I believe in inspiring women, especially those experiencing menopause, by being a gate-opener and doing something that others haven’t done thus far.

Watching womankind do incredible things and stand up and be counted is what has inspired me in the past. In rowing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic solo, my hope is to inspire women to defy stereotypes and limiting beliefs, go beyond what was thought was possible for them and be more of who they really are. Yes, even at our age!

Inside these pages, you’ll discover what the challenge is, who has inspired me and why I’m risking my life to raise money for The Menopause Charity.

You’ll also find out how you can get involved from following me on social media, taking advantage of exclusive offers from brand partners to uncovering the many benefits of becoming a Mumentous sponsor.

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Photo by Penny Bird at World's Toughest Row

Campaign Backers Wanted

Have you ever imagined how it would feel if you helped someone achieve a world record? Wouldn’t that be amazing?

To dip an oar in the water and make that first pull to Antigua and become the oldest solo woman to do so will become possible with backing from companies big and small. Could that be you?

Becoming a sponsor for my record-breaking 3000 mile Mumentous row would not only help me but could have a momentous impact on your business too. Packages and terms are flexible and available for every budget and can be tailor-made to suit you.

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Photo by Penny Bird at World's Toughest Row
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The Menopause Charity

Menopause is a time of new beginnings, opportunities and adventures for women. The problem is that 86% of us don’t see it like that. Shocking, isn’t it. If only we felt better and knew enough to take advantage of all that’s on offer at this stage in our lives.

This is where the work of The Menopause Charity comes in.

They provide evidence based information, accredited training for medical professionals and menopause support in the workplace. The work the Menopause Charity do is crucial to our physical and mental health and even positively impacts the UK economy.

They have set themselves a massive challenge to change women’s lives for the better and I’m taking on my own massive challenge to help them in a way that no one has done before.

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*Large banner photo by Penny Bird at World's Toughest Row