Media, Big and Small

I was very nearly on Granada Reports this week – it didn’t happen! The very…

Media, Big and Small

I was very nearly on Granada Reports this week – it didn’t happen!

The very marvellous Bernie Hollywood OBE JP, who had just finished the TWAC 2022 in 109 days in his Boat of Hope has been all over the press – and rightly so. He’s raised an incredible amount for youth mental health and has endured a gruelling, gruelling Atlantic crossing to do it. It’s fabulous he’s getting the coverage and it’s adding more donations to his total.

I can’t wait to meet up with Bernie but I’ll give him some time to ‘land’ after his trip before I start grilling him about what it was really like!

Back to ‘telly’, though.

Firstly, the introduction to the lady from Granada came out of the blue after a networking meeting I’d attended. Granada is focusing on menopause at the moment and it was thought my story would be useful to them – it wasn’t! Well, not yet, anyway.

Their narrative was all about menopause in the workplace and what changes in policy companies like BAE Systems are making, for example. This is fabulous and is exactly the kind of work that The Menopause Charity is doing in supporting businesses and women in the workplace – and it’s what I’m raising money for.

I work for myself, though, and although my campaign is about inspiring menopausal women and raising awareness of the incredible value women in their 50s have, it wasn’t a good fit for Granada Reports.

Plus, there’s a question about whether I can be ‘claimed’ as a story for the region. I live in North Yorkshire and as far as those in the know at TV are concerned, I fall into the Yorkshire region.

I don’t but I’ll just have to pitch my story to everyone and see what happens.  

The problem is that December 2024 is too far away in telly terms at the moment, and possibly in newspaper/magazine terms as well. They are all so focused on ‘NOW’ but wouldn’t it have been great if they’d followed Bernie right from the start of the journey? Just as when we watch a serial, so many more people would have been invested in the story and want to know what happened next. They are all so focused on the achievement at the end.   

That said the start of my journey has been featured in my local news magazine and I will be submitting updates over the next 18 months. A huge thank you to Bentham News for publishing an article about the row with an ‘action’ shot of me on the rower.  

My lesson: start small and work up from there.