The Menopause Charity

Most people who row an ocean row for a cause that is meaningful to them. Mine is The Menopause Charity that was founded by Dr Louise Newson.

15.5 million women in the UK today, a quarter of the workforce, are going through menopause. Very few of these women are in receipt of any treatment and many are misdiagnosed. This can lead to women leaving work, family life breaking down and women generally feeling they have lost control of their lives.

The Menopause Charity’s vision is that this stage in our lives is embraced as a time of new beginnings, opportunities and adventure. It has three different goals:

Firstly, it aims to support women by proving evidence based information on the best treatments and advice for the different stages of menopause.

Secondly, it provides accredited training for medical professionals and thirdly, it helps businesses with employees who may be negatively affected by menopause.

My own experience of menopause brought my life to a halt.I had many of the more common symptoms like hot flashes and sleeplessness, but I also had some of the lesser known ones. Palpitations was one that concerned me greatly but disengagement with the world was another, so I didn’t seek medical advice for long enough. And the brain fog – goodness me! I thought I’d lost my intelligence. I tripped up over my words, lost my thread and I felt I couldn’t make consistent spoken sense and writing anything coherent was impossible. As a result, my world shrank as I shied away from conversation and communication.

Only now are things beginning to come back together.

With this rowing challenge, I have a sense of focus and purpose and I’m motivated to find exactly the right words to express what I mean. The exercise is helping regulate my sleep and I’m eating better too. I am ‘fuelled by menopause’ and I’m ‘owning my menopause’ too.

Hopefully, by sharing my story, other women will seek help and advice from properly trained medical professionals so that they don’t spend the best part of 6 years sat on the sofa wondering where their mojo had gone like I did! Women of our age have so much value to offer society and there is so much life left to live.

The work of The Menopause Charity is helping women do exactly that.